Raise the Music!

This season, we are asking for your support to raise $25,000 to purchase 10 acoustical shells.  These are positioned behind musical performers to reflect sound towards the audience improving the clarity of music heard from each instrument.  We hope you are able to contribute at any amount you are able.  Please see our Support page for more details.


The mission of the Southwest Washington Wind Symphony is to:

  • nurture the appreciation of symphonic band music by performing free concerts for the community
  • provide local musicians and music educators with opportunities for musical growth while performing challenging, high quality band literature
  • encourage and support music education in the public schools with special emphasis on wind band music appreciation
  • educate the audience and community on the cultural, historical, and musical significance of the symphonic band genre


Sunday, March 1


Performing Arts Center
Union High School
6201 NW Friberg-Strunk St.
Camas, Washington

Free Admission
See Concerts page for details